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Our Veteran Warriors!...

Dan Andrews
Bob Beard
Wayne Beck Monte Evans
Charles Fisher
Steve Huxtable
Vernon Korb
Lee Lipscomb
Vernon Korb
Carson Mansfield
Wayne Matthews
David Roberson
David Roberson
Jimmy Shimchick
John Valentine
Cliff Yarbrough


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From the colonist, who rebelled,
to the soldier of today,
My thanks, be to you,
I know not what else to say.

Since the words I do not have,
to give the tribute that is due,
So a simple heartfelt thanks,
sincerely I give to you.

Thanks to our American heroes,
whose devotion is second to none,
Whose courage and braveness alone
caused many battles to be won.

We have beaten the forces of evil
and carried our flag far and wide,
Because of our American Warriors,
our hearts are filled with pride,

Only because of you and the price
you willingly did pay,
Only because of you,
Old Glory still flies today!

(And Happy Veteran's Day to you and all those who have served! Thank You!) 



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